theraSEEK™ Sequence Analysis for Functional Disorders

Next Generation Sequencing test focused on genes associated with metabolism, physiological function, and neurologic development are factors in functional symptoms and disease

Functional disorders encompass a wide range of phenotypes that can present with diverse and multi-system symptomatology. A functional disorder is a medical condition that impairs the normal function of a bodily process, but where the body or associated organs appear normal under examination, imaging, laboratory values, or other standard studies. The occurrence of multiple functional symptoms in one individual suggests a genetic condition as the underlying cause. The theraSEEK™ panel includes a curated selection of genes primarily associated with genetic disorders that present with functional symptoms, and also genes in metabolic and physiologic pathways of interest. In addition to determining a genetic diagnosis, this panel can identify genetic risk factors for multifactorial functional disease.

Genetic testing using Next Generation Sequencing is a valuable tool for obtaining a definitive diagnosis in the patient, thereby providing insight to the prognosis, treatment choices, and recurrence risks for the family. Importantly, understanding the genetic basis of the patient’s condition can assist the clinician in developing a targeted personalized treatment plan, which may include medication, nutritional interventions, supplements, and other therapies or avoidance of certain agents. 

theraSEEK™: A selection of 299 genes encompassing:
  • Metabolism and physiological functions (amino acids, carbohydrates/glucose, cell signaling, cofactors, metals, select drugs, extracellular matrix, fatty acid oxidation, glycosylation, heme, ion channels, lipids, lysosomes, neurotransmitters, organic acids, peroxisomes, purines/pyrimidines, transcription/translation, urea cycle); 
  • Metabolic pathways (antioxidant, biopterin, coenzyme Q10, folate, methionine, transsulfuration); 
  • Neurological development and function; 
  • Mitochondrial function (electron transport chain, mtDNA replication, morphology). 
In addition to full sequencing for rare genetic disease-causing variants, the test includes a SNP analysis for common variants associated with biochemical pathways. Physicians will receive the genetic analysis report, plus a separate SNP analysis report with 60 SNPs, and a data file with over 1,100 SNPs.

Indications for Testing - 2 or more of the following:

  Migraine headache  Neuropathy/sensory deficits
Chronic pain conditions (joint, bone, myalgia)Autistic spectrum disorder with additional functional symptoms
Gastrointestinal conditions (dysmotility, intermittent diarrhea or constipation, abdominal pain, recurrent vomiting, nausea, GERD)ADHD and other behavioral conditions
Fatigue/exercise intoleranceAbnormal movement (tics, tremor, dyskinesia, restless legs)
Autonomic dysfunction (dizziness, POTS, arrhythmias)Sleep disturbance
Psychiatric / mood disorders (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia)

Product Information Sheets:

theraSEEK™ Sequence Analysis for Functional Disorders Product Info Sheet

theraSEEK™ Addendeum:  Gene List

theraSEEK™ Addendeum:  SNP List

Courtagen's Unmatched Customer Support

Turn Around Time: 4-6 weeks. Results are delivered in weeks, not months.

Saliva Sample: DNA for sequencing is reliably extracted from a single saliva sample. No blood draw or muscle biopsy required. (Whole blood and tissue are accepted, as requested.)

Insurance Assistance: Courtagen works with patients, physicians, and insurance carriers to pre-approve each test. Courtagen will bill the insurance company, and is willing to handle an appeal process as needed.

Courtagen Care Financial Assistance Program: Provides financial assistance to patients based on demonstrated financial need. A qualified applicant may be asked to contribute between $0 and a maximum cost sharing of $200 depending on determination of financial need.

Online Portal: A secure physician online portal is available for ordering genetic tests and accessing patient reports when completed.

Genetic Counselors: Available to address physician’s questions regarding Courtagen test results. Contact us at

Clinical Experience: Courtagen’s Medical Director, Laboratory Director, and variant science team have over 25 years of experience in the treatment and genetic interpretation of neurological disorders.

Reports: Utilizing Courtagen’s customized Ziphyr® informatics pipeline and thorough clinical evaluation, each report is provided in a concise format with interpretation and recommendations for consideration.

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