Courtagen Care | Financial Assistance Plan

Courtagen is committed to providing actionable clinical information for the diagnosis of pediatric neurological and metabolic disorders.  The Courtagen Care Financial Assistance Plan (Courtagen Care) provides financial assistance to patients, based upon a demonstrated financial need, for those who have some level of commercial insurance, but are unable to pay for a portion of their out-of-pocket expenses not covered by their insurance company. 

Courtagen Care provides tiered financial assistance to patients based on income as defined by the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) guidelines ( as of 1/26/2017). Courtagen is able to offer financial assistance to patient’s families with incomes up to 600% of the FPL. Use the guide below to determine your eligibility for the Courtagen Care program. 

Important note for patients living in Colorado or Florida: In accordance with state law, patients residing in Colorado or Florida may not submit their Financial Assistance Application until their testing is complete and their claim has been submitted to their insurance company. Please contact our patient advocate group with any questions.

Step 1: Calculate Final Eligibility Number

Use the following items from your most recent Federal Tax Return to calculate your Final Eligibility Number. If approved, your maximum financial responsibility may be up to $500, depending on your insurance coverage.

Step 2: Determine Financial Assistance Eligibility 

Use your Final Eligibility Number and the table below to determine your eligibility. 

What to Expect

If requested by Courtagen, patient (or patient’s guarantor) must submit documentation to support the Family Income and Allowed Medical Expenses provided on the Courtagen Care Financial Assistance Application.

Courtagen will perform an assessment of financial need based on the patient’s online Financial Assistance Application. 

Courtagen will notify the patient (or the patient’s guarantor) by email within seven (7) days if the Financial Assistance Application has been approved or denied. 

Patient Support

Courtagen is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service.  Courtagen’s Patient Advocate Group (PAG) supports patients throughout the genetic testing process.  A PAG member will be available to provide information and guidance to patients and help answer questions raised by both the patient and/or their physician. Courtagen’s Billing Collaborative will directly handle all of the billing and insurance claim submissions, file appeals as necessary, and stay connected with the patient and their physician during the process to ensure that the Patient’s claim is processed correctly. If a Letter of Medical Necessity is needed, PAG and Courtagen’s Genetic Counselors will work cooperatively with the patient’s physician to facilitate the submission on the patient’s behalf.

If a patient is denied assistance and feels there are extenuating circumstances that Courtagen did not consider, the patient may appeal in writing within 10 calendar days of receiving the notice of denial.

Courtagen does not accept Medicaid, Medicare, or TriCare/Champus and patients covered by these plans are not eligible for the Courtagen Care Financial Assistance Plan.

If the patient's insurance provider pays the patient directly for services performed by Courtagen, the patient must forward that payment to Courtagen immediately. 

If the patient has any questions related to Courtagen testing or Courtagen Care, please email or call 877-395-7608.