Courtagen Gives Back


Since its inception in 2010, the Courtagen Gives Back Program has been dedicated to improving the lives of people by meeting real needs and offering genuine hope, support, guidance, and friendship. By assisting our non-profit partners, Courtagen is able to help bring hope to families suffering from difficult diseases.

The Courtagen Gives Back Program allows us to extend compassion, commitment, and support to special needs families through genuine and growing relationships with our non-profit partners. The strong spirits, kind hearts, and willing minds, characterize the people who have banded together to meet the needs of the children we serve. This relationship driven program provides a door of opportunity for volunteers to participate directly with children and families with special needs. Professionals are able to lend their skills to support our non-profit partners, and the assistance provided is catered to the individual need of each non-profit with steadfast hearts to help each one succeed.


We value our volunteers, and feel that each one is most fulfilled when their skills are aligned with their passion to benefit a non-profit that they appreciate. Each volunteer in the program has the opportunity to enrich the efforts of our non-profit partners by applying their skills to the basic needs that all non-profits have. Whether they help with social media, computer needs, fund raising, photography, event coordinating, or administration, each volunteer can make a difference!


Each year, the Courtagen Life Sciences volunteer team partners with nonprofit organizations across the country, investing their abilities in projects that bring hope to special needs families and children. More than 1,000 CLS volunteers join together to contribute more than 10,000 hours in communities where they live and work.

Please join us as we work together to benefit children nationwide. Each hour of service translates into bettering the lives of the special needs families that our partners serve! Email Doug Kennedy to get involved today!

The Epilepsy Foundation leads the fight to stop seizures, find a cure, and overcome the challenges related to epilepsy.
Epilepsy is the third most-common neurological condition after Alzheimer’s disease and stroke. It affects nearly three million Americans and it can affect anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

Volunteers help build a brighter future for people living with epilepsy through assisting at the national office or in any one of the regional offices nationwide. You can make a real difference by simply participating in a fundraiser or awareness campaign.

MitoAction strives to offer comprehensive, up-to-date, expert resources, information and support at no cost to any patient, family, clinician, educator, or member of the community. They continue to seek multiple ways to offer information such that the resources are accessible and user-friendly for people of all abilities. They foster relationships with the scientific, academic, research and business community in order to create sustainable support for the mission of MitoAction.

Volunteers can help make a powerful difference for people affected by mitochondrial disorders through participating in our 5K walks, advocating through legislature, and running fund raising campaigns in their own community.

The UMDF exists to promote research and education for the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of mitochondrial disorders and to provide support to affected individuals and families. Members of the UMDF are able to network with other families and individuals to talk about mitochondrial disorders. The UMDF keeps members updated with the latest treatment advances and information through a quarterly newsletter. UMDF members are able to find support on the local and regional level through various chapters, groups and ambassadors. Since 1996, the UMDF has provided nearly $11 million in grants to support the research that may lead to a less invasive diagnosis and ultimately a cure.

Volunteers can participate with UMDF in a wide variety of ways that include logistics assistance in the national or local offices, provide assistance at symposiums, or by leading a local fundraiser.

Therasurf is a diverse collective of parents, professionals and members of the surf community committed to the belief that there is healing energy in the power of the ocean. The goal is to provide children with special needs with the opportunity to benefit from the positive energy they experience by safely getting them into the water and up on waves. They help children and their families access the thrill of surf culture, and aspire to create a can-do environment in a world full of limitations.

Volunteers can impact the future of special needs families and children in the Los Angeles area by providing year-round assistance in administration and fundraising as well as periodical event assistance with surf events, logistics assistance, photographers, cinematographers, food preparation and service, and beach set up/breakdown assistance.

We are proud to partner with our friends at Seizure Tracker and the “Seizure Success and You” initiative. Collaborating together allows us to build our patient initiated data sharinge tools. Two out of three people with seizures don’t know the cause of their condition. Understanding the genetic basis of epilepsy and how it compares to others can help researchers find new treatments and possibly a cure. Visit the “Seizure Success and You” web page to learn more about how Genetics can influence Epilepsy treatment and outcomes. Discover how the data sharinge tools available on can further epilepsy research and take the “Genetics in Epilepsy” quiz.