DNA Sequencing: Our Approach

Clinical DNA Sequencing

Courtagen Diagnostics Laboratory offers clinical DNA sequencing for neurological and metabolic disorders.  Our current test menu includes tests for mitochondrial and epilepsy disorders.  Our tests combine the power of cutting edge bioinformatics tools with advanced next generation sequencing technologies to transform complex DNA sequence data into a clinically relevant report to help your physician diagnose the disease and provide a better treatment plan.

Courtagen Diagnostic Laboratory’s team has years of proven success in clinical DNA sequencing. This provides our customers with unparalleled service and expertise for our genetic testing.

Customer Focused

Courtagen Diagnostics Laboratory prides itself on superior customer service, fast turn-around times and data integrity in clinical DNA sequencing. With our unique customer portal, your physician will always be able to determine the status of your genetic test. Also, our patient advocate team is always available to address any questions that you may have related to our services.

Quality Control

Courtagen Diagnostics Laboratory has developed a quality control process that delivers highly accurate clinical DNA sequencing results. 
  • Courtagen uses next generation sequencing technologies and proprietary quality controls such as VariAssure® and HetAssure® to ensure the highest level of data integrity
  • Courtagen Diagnostics Laboratory adheres to CLIA regulations for processing patient samples

Quick, Actionable Reports

Our genetic tests produce personalized clinical DNA sequencing reports that are delivered in a clear, dynamic, and actionable format. Courtagen’s reports transform complex genomic analysis into useful, clinically relevant information to aid your physician in the diagnosis of your  disease.

  • Comprehensive and easy to read format
  • Physicians can access the report through our secure online portal